Monday, August 17, 2009

Poo Paper & Buddha’s Tooth

Sunday 16 August 2009

Got a wake up call at 5.30am. Urgh.. Pushed off to Pinnawela at 6.30am after breakfast. It’s a place 2 hours from Colombo which hosts the only elephant orphanage in the world (so the guide says). Wild elephants whose parents were hunted by villagers are placed here. It’s basically a sanctuary of sorts, funded by the Sri Lankan govn. They feed the young elephants in the morning but it’s nothing that special la.

Elephants at the orphanage

One thing that really interested me was the process of making paper out of elephant dung. Sashi, the owner of the factory, kindly gave us a tour of the place and explained the process. First they collect the dung, boil it, dry it, make pulp, dry it again and flat roll it. No smell cause elephants only eat clean stuff.

Making paper our of elephant shit

We stopped by a Spice Garden on the way to Kandy where they explained to us what each herb is used for. He experimented a hair removal cream on deep which takes out the hair roots too. Deep’s hand was as smooth as a baby’s bottom after 10 minutes and this was using all natural ingredients! He bought the cream and I bought some lipid liquid with organic honey thing that is supposed to reduce the lipid, phlegm and cholesterol. Also helps with cellulite and slimming! Haha.

Herbs galore - for all sorts of ailments

At Kandy, we went to this famous temple which houses the sacred tooth relic of Buddha himself. Stopped by a gem stone showroom and a tea factory on the way home.

Temple where Buddha's tooth is kept

Precious stones at the gem factory and showroom

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  1. Ive been dying to see elephants and you're so lucky......


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