Friday, August 28, 2009

Buka Puasa @ Marche, Curve

Thursday 27 August 2009

One of the perks of being in the media during Ramadhan period is the buka puasa events we get invited to. It’s a form of building media relations for the PR side and for us, well, getting to know the client and of course – food.

Got invited to a Marché Buka Puasa tonight and I asked Yasmin to come along as I didn’t want to go alone. Marché, the Swiss market concept at The Curve, renovated its premises to offer diners a “true-to-life Swiss dining experience”. Oh well, it’s the closest to the Alps as we can get anyway.

The setting is in a unique fairy-tale pine hut typically found in the Swiss mountains. Adding to the romance are interesting pieces of Swiss ceramics of all shapes and sizes, lined up against the shelves. Crests of myriad colours hang from the ceiling, giving it a slight European medieval feel.

Each customer is given a passport where the chefs will chop to state what you’ve taken but since it’s the Ramadhan month, Marche serves buffet at RM45.00++ for adults and RM20.00++ for kids (4ft and below). Special price of RM40.00++ for Marché Card members. So you pay that price and take all you want. Drinks are charged separately though.

There’s quite a big spread – salads, rosti, fresh juices, soup, meats, seafood, pasta, desserts, pastries, ice-cream, etc. Just go up to the counter, pick what you want and the chefs were cook it for you on the spot. You just gotta wait awhile. Food some were good, some were overcooked and some so-so only la. I think there were too many people that’s why. Chefs were under pressure.

Scenes at Marche

Scenes at Marche

To my delight, found out that Sariah & hubby, Yasmin & Khaidi & also Ben were invited too so ada kaki la. Got up to mischief with the cows there hehe.

Clowning around with the cow


Marché is located at Lot G87, Ground Floor, The Curve. Tel: (03) 7727-8461.

Was supposed to go for movies after but the event took a bit longer than expected so we missed the show. Decided to go study at the Library in my Nyonya Kebaya instead. A pint of Hoegaarden gets you half pint till 10pm. Good stuff that. Should really make it for HH where 1 pint gets you another free.

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