Monday, August 24, 2009

Pond Overhaul & Happy Birthday Farsha

Sunday 23 August 2009

Today was dedicated to family and tortoises. Had lunch with the folks, went for a swim with birthday girl Farshie and went back to clean my pond. Stopped by the pet shop and found an interesting contraption – an automatic feeder that allows food out up to 6 times a day for up to 28 days. Great for when I’m not around. At least my little pets will not go hungry.

Took a while to figure it out but finally did. It has tiny pins where you can slot for feed time. It runs like a ticking clock. Hehe I know it’s nothing new but was fascinated by the device nonetheless.

My new toy

It’s amazing what life creates when you leave something alone long enough. There’s a whole thriving eco system in my pond! Planted 2 stalks of ginkgo biloba in my filter and it’s a thick green jungle now! It was thriving on all the shit in the filter. Damn healthy and green wei.. I threw all of it away and starting all over again with 2 stalks. See how fast it grows this time.

There was plenty of moss on my water feature as well (old railway slippers) and I found 4 earthworms in there! God only knows how they ended there. Shifted them to my potted plants. Hope they do the earth there good. Sucked out all the shit from the pond (damn there was a whole LOAD of stinky shit). Since I was in cleaning mode, decided to check the fridge and found an onion plant growing there. Potted the thing. Threw out unknown specimens from the fridge too. Phew what a day.

Check out the moss growing on the wood

Was dark by the time I finished. Shot of pond without flash.

Vertical shot with flash

Horizontal shot with flash. Can see tortoise poking her head out? That's my onion plant with the stringy leaves I potted towards the bottom right.

Went over to Rasta after that to celebrate Farsha’s birthday. Su & Byron went to get an ice cream cake from Baskins and Farshie belanjaed us Yellow Cab pizza all the way from Ampang. For those who have never tried Yellow Cab, please try it. It’s one of the best pizzas in town. They deliver in cute yellow Vespa scooters too. Only set back is that their outlets are all the way in Ampang near Ampang Point and there’s one near Heritage Row in KL.

Birthday girl Farsha with her ice cream cake & Yellow Cab pizzas

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