Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New year, new phone

Sunday 3 January 2010

Happy new year everyone!! I know, I know.. haven't been updating much lately as I had been lazy.. been receiving a few international guests in my home, feeling a bit like united nations now hahah.

Anyway... my trusty Nokia, the one Paulie exchanged with me a couple years back (it's so obsolete now I don't even know the model number), decided to konk out on me on new year's eve. Great timing right?


Been reading this book - Bonfire of the Brands by Neil Boorman, I know I'm diverting here but it's a good book! It talks about how advertising and branding dominate our life and how Neil, who has been addicted all his life to the false sense of security brands provide, decided to burn every branded thing he owns and live a brand free life in a consumer-crazed world corrupted by marketeers.

Made me aware of how brands affect our lives. Took a look in my toilet and realised that I'm a sucker too. M&S shampoo & conditioner, Clinique facial foam, Dove body shampoo, L'occitane moisturiser, Crabtree & Evelyn salts, etc.. you get the picture. Why the hell did I buy M&S anyway? Quality sucks. Doesn't do jack shit to my hair. It just smells great and it's a brand. That's advertising for ya.

The book

Anyway, back to the phone - everyone around me, especially if you live in technology-crazy Asia, owns the latest gadgets - iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, pda phones- you name it. Even my dad owns the latest Nokia what-have-you! It's peer pressure damn it!

You gotta look cool, you gotta fit in. Heaven forbid you place an old Ericsson on the table during a high-powered business meeting. It's gotta be the latest, updated, most expensive - else, you're just not connected, cool or up-to- date enough. That's what branding does to you. Makes you feel inadequate, lowers your confidence, so you have to buy the latest damn thing.

Sadly, I am a victim of branding too as my phone needs to fit in with all the shiny new toys my friends proudly display on the table - taunting, looking down, pitying me...

What did I do then? Like a mindless sheep following the herd, I went in search of a new shiny toy too. Forget Sg Wang. You have everything at Digital Mall in PJ, plus no hassles of traffic jams, smelly crowds & expensive parking.

I decided on this - LG Arena KM900. Hey, Life's good with LG - isn't that what they promise you? It's not the top-of-the-line (RM1,300 cash) but it has touch screen, wifi, and most importantly, looks good.

My brand new shiny toy

My social status has been restored. I am confident once again. I am finally now accepted.


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  2. you can always give me your pink coach bag! (just in case you had thoughts of starting a bonfire)


  3. dear joleen,

    we worked years ago when u handled imedeen account. i just added u on facebook so maybe a pix of me would take u down memory lane.

    anyway, i'm using the same LG as you and there's some troubleshooting i gotta do. how's yours holding up? :)

    take care and keep in touch. i can be reached at

    regards, k


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