Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flying High

Sunday 17 January 2010

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the cockpit every time you fly in an aeroplane? What is it that they do to take you safely from one place to another? I’ve always wondered how it is like to fly a plane and was delighted to know that you can be a ‘pilot’ for a day with introductory flight programmes.

Aerovantage, the company who runs the programmes, introduced it in November last year. The pilot and booking services are arranged by the company whereas the aeroplanes are provided by FAS UDARA Flying Club (03-7846 4186 / 03-7805 2895).

The programme begins with a pilot explaining the workings and controls of the aircraft. My pilot was Capt Dylan Morvryn Bhaskaran, 35, who has 17 years of flying experience under his belt.

Capt Dylan

The aircraft was a Cessna 152, a small two-seater single engine general aviation plane used primarily for flight training and personal use. The Cessna 152 is the plane most people learn to fly in.

The Cessna 152

Capt Dylan said that the best time for flying is early in the morning from 7.30am to 9am or in the evening after 4pm before sundown. This is because the weather is nicer, winds are calmer and visibility is better.

Only one person is allowed to fly with the pilot at any given time but the briefing can be done individually or as a group, depending on the participants.

Capt Dylan started with a pre-flight walk-around check of the aircraft, pointing out the various mechanisms that work the plane. He explained what happens when the plane takes-off, when it climbs, how it turns and when it lands. He also taught me how to do an engine oil check and an external light check for safety reasons.

After the walk-around, I sat in the cockpit to learn about the control panel of the aircraft. I learnt how to read the altimeter, determine how fast we are flying, how quickly we are climbing or descending, how to direct the plane in the right direction, determine our artificial horizon and check the fuel gauge.

Me in the co-pilot seat of the Cessna 152!

Control panels in the cockpit

The Cessna 152 taking off!

It was extremely exhilarating as the small cockpit allows you to see everything that’s happening around you. I could see the flaps moving as the plane climbed, and hear the mechanisms work as it turned or gathered speed. The ground was getting smaller and smaller as we gained altitude.

After reaching a stable height at 1500 feet, Capt Dylan handed the controls over to me. My heart was beating excitedly as I took over the controls. I checked the altimeter, airspeed and directional indicator to make sure the aircraft was flying at the right speed at the right height and in the right direction. It was easier than I thought!

We flew from Subang over Shah Alam to Port Klang. Capt Dylan gave me a little treat and flew towards Pulau Ketam to see the kelongs. Pulau Ketam is usually not included in the flight route.

View of Shah Alam

View of Port Klang

Capt Dylan showed me a few tricks he learned such as making a 360ยบ turn and doing surprise dips in the air. Although it left my stomach queasy, I was thrilled nonetheless as I have never experienced such G force before.

We headed back after a while for the taxi down. It was a smooth landing with not a single bump felt at all. An hour in the air went by in a blink of an eye! I was a little sad that the experience was over so fast but Capt Dylan cheered me up by saying that they offer longer flying programmes with other aircrafts. Hmm..tempting.

This particular programme cost RM590. To experience the introductory flight programme, call Shirley at 012-3800 370 or email Astuteexperirence card members, a loyalty card programme that allows members access to a host of hotels and lifestyle experiences, are entitled to a special rate. Call 03-21165851 or visit


  1. Babes!! this is super cool la.. Quite brave also ah? you think with my Middle East stamps on my passport they would still be keen on my joining the programme?

  2. well done on your blog babe! my first visit and all great stuff :) (*happy for you smile*) keep it up and keep enjoying life's expriences and adventures girlfriend ;-)

  3. Well done Nice write up on your blog and the weekender too , Keep up the good work HAD Ball reading it AE

  4. available?? Not for a flight introductory programme, but a date! Post your availablity Captain.

  5. You can contact Dylan at

  6. Thanks dear. But dont you think the address seems general. Any personalized ones?

  7. that's the email on his card. Drop me an email at and I'll forward you his number.

  8. Hmmm?? Is this a gay dude chatting up the captain or trying to chat up you??

  9. Yeah.......he is my hero....:) :)


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