Monday, August 31, 2009

District 9 vs 798

Saturday 29 August 2009

We were supposed to watch District 9 two night before but due to unfolding events, that didn’t happen. Finally made it at Tropicana City coz the GSC there is newer, wanted to check out the place. Smells nicer anyway.

Maybe it’s just me but I thought the movie wasn’t that great. Don’t get what all the hype is about. Aliens living amongst people? Story line.. errr.. My date fell asleep in the cinema. That says a lot huh? Oh well, see for yourself and let me know what you think bout the movie.

Went over to 798, the wine bar at Tropicana City and I can say I enjoyed that much better. Ambience is nice, place is spacious and doesn’t stink of cigarette smoke cause it’s outdoors and wines are reasonable. House pouring bottles from Chile & Australia go for RM75. Not too bad.

798 at Tropicana City Mall

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  1. whaaaaat, i loved Dist. 9. It's an either 'love it or hate it' film. Well, maybe the film's motif would only appeal to you if u approach this 'intergalactic existence between extraterrestrial life and humans' with a clear and open mind. Of course if u buy the movie ticket n go into cinema with a pre-conceived mindset that alins totally do not and cannot exist in this universe therefore interaction with humans on earth is completely impossible, then the movie sure flop la.
    Besides, it's feasible that aliens are of extreme intelligence than mere mortals.


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