Saturday, August 8, 2009

Amazing Ride!

Friday 7 August 2009

I was supposed to be at Glenmarie Holiday Inn at 7.30am for breakfast (for DRB-HICOM’s media event to Lake Kenyir) but woke up in a panic at 8.10am when I received an sms. SHIT! I’m going to be so freakin late! Briefing starts at 8.30am. Could I make it?

Majorly rushed (thank god I packed last night) & managed to get there at 8.45am. Push off was at 9am. I needed to register with a car and luckily saw Chris Wee (Evo) & Ben Tan’s (Top Gear) name so I asked to ride with them. *phew* We apparantly appeared in NST on Sat too!

Hehe, that was a smart decision cause we got the Audi Q7!!! A big, gorgeous, luxurious 750K+ beauty. She even smells heavenly.. She’s just awesome on the road. We did over 200 with no problems at all (didn’t even realised it actually till we saw the speedometer & freaked out! Hahah) and cruising at 180 is a breeze.

She sticks to the road taking corners like a cicak to the wall – hence the cicak logo for Quattro. I’m in love... she’s easy to drive on the highway but a bit floaty on smaller roads. Maybe the fact that I couldn’t touch the floor when I stepped on the accelerator had something to do with it? I looked so tiny in the Q7. :P

The magnificient Audi Q7 - what a beauty

Chris, our driver for the first part of the journey

Stopped at Hyatt Regency Kuantan for lunch and changed the Q7 for Mel’s Chevy Captiva. Now how the hell are we supposed to compare a car a fifth of the previous masterpiece? Sigh... bye bye sweetheart, you served us well.

Changed to the Chevy Captiva after lunch

Ride to Kenyir went without a hitch. Reached earlier than expected so went for a swim. Tried the slide at the pool - hilarious! Both Chris & I nearly flew off the slide! Slide should come with a warning – slide me ONLY IF you don’t mind making a fool of yourself. Oh, and as you probably have realised by now, I’m typing this on my new toy & wi fi works just fine!

Our individual private chalets by the lake

My pad for the weekend

The last time I was here 2 years ago, the mgt told me that they don serve alcohol especially on a Friday night as it was under Pas still i think? Not too sure but I remembered they said they don serve alco on Fris.

Today’s Fri and I got a bit worried. No alco??? What kind of media trip would this be?? Thank God it was all sorted out as Suresh from Asian Auto managed to talk YS into getting us a few cans of beers which turned into house pouring rum & 7up – all sponsored by Audi CEO, Stanley, of course. I’ll say it again - I miss Audi! My number is still recorded as Joleen Audi in many of the motoring boys’ phone! Those were the days...

This here proof that Terengganu is still alive & well in freedom of booze!

Drinks at Kenyir Resort

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