Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Juice!

Friday 31 July 2009

Friday night & I had no where to go. Had to pester the boys to go to Juice's 7th year anniversary at MOS, Sunway and luckily Deep agreed. Finally! He had 10 VIP invites courtesy of Ben who's working in Juice so free flow was all set for the night. First 100 commoners had 2 free drinks (coupon system) or sumthing like that. Thank God we are connected :P

Damn bloody ISA protests had to wreck the traffic. Jam at 7pm in Damansara even! urgh!!! Bloody protestors bloody cops.

Didn't know much about the line-up or what fashion event was happening downstairs as we were just concentrating on the drinks. Good drinks though - absolut, martell & chivas i think. Loved the lychee stuff but they stopped serving it early.

Oh, my sis came along with us for my first ever official clubbing event together! Hahah I wonder if she had a culture shock meeting all my friends :P

Didn't take much pics coz got pretty plastered on the drinks. Here are a rare few..

Some sleazy shot of Ovi & Deep. No idea what they were up to.

Kingston, me & Ovi

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