Thursday, June 25, 2009

Autobots...Roll Out!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Woo hooo I'm gonna see Transformers today!! I'm not a die-hard fan but I grew up watching the cartoon. Can't say I remember much about the characters but I had a Transformer though - although I'm not sure which one...

Anyway, got 2 tix courtesy of Energizer for the show at Mid Valley at 8.30pm. Wanted to go there earlier cause I needed to find some round, flat batteries for my digital weighing scale and fix my crooked sunglasses which I nicely reshaped when I fell off Kimba.

Picked Farsha up at 7.15pm. Good. Enough time to run all my errands. Or so I thought. Took the Kerinchi Link and damn was it a mistake! It was a parking lot right after the toll! Why the hell did I pay RM1.50 for? Only to get stuck with the rest of KL??

Should I be a rude driver? "Well, we are in a hurry and we need to get there in time..not like all these other people who are just going home..." so said my lovely passenger. Any excuse is a good one right? Managed to get right to the front and cut smoothly into the lane. Sorry guys! But we have Transformers to catch!

Ended up stuck in the lane heading to Mid V when Farsh suddenly said "Hey! There's a lane that leads straight to parking there!" We were on the furthest left lane. Signaled to the right, cut through 2 lanes, made a rude ass of myself and ran over those soft floppy cones to get to the other side. We were in Mid V parking now.. homefree!! yea!!!

Transformers was worth all the hassle. There were action, stunts, explosions, CGIs, bumble bee, flying robots, land robots, weird robots, cute robots, combined robots, more robots, stupid humans, irritating parents and of course.. Megan Fox.

Plenty of robot action

ooo I want her ass.. so what if she's a man (??!!)

I ADORE Bumblebee. Would be cool to have him in my garage huh? Well, I need to get a garage first. He transited from an old, beat-up 1976 Chevy Camaro in the 2007 film into a gorgeous, sleek 2009 Chevy Camaro in the 2009 sequel. Check out that gleam!

Bumblebee as a 1976 Chevy Camaro & a 2009 Chevy Camaro

Ok ok. Enough of Bumblebee. The movie was more than 2 hours long and we finished bout 11pm. Farsh wanted to sit awhile to check the credit roll and because everyone had left the hall, we were able to exit through the front. Hmm.. we decided to break more laws today (well, since we are on a roll) and crash in on any movie.

Hall 4 was screening something so we snuck in (ooh forgot to mention we snuck in McDs & CarlsJr burgers in Farsh's big black bag). Turned out to be Drag Me to Hell. Although we only caught the last 20 mins or so of it, I thought that it was such a B-grade stupid movie. If Sam Raimi can direct blockbuster movies like the Spiderman trilogy, why in the world would he want to come up with such a crappy film? Oh well, maybe if I watched the whole show, my opinion might have changed. hahah at least we cheated GSC out of 20 mins!

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  1. we did roll out well!.. you forgot to mention we also sneaked in McDs & CarlsJr burgers into the cinema with my big black bag!


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