Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of Wondermilk, 3D movies, art galleries, Nudes & pizzas

Sunday 26 July 2009

Busy busy Sunday. Su & Farsh came to pick me up for lunch and we headed to this little cafe called Wondermilk in Uptown. They are known for their innovative cupcakes but it wasn’t the cuppas that attracted me. It was the amount of ol’skool goodies that were there! Things I grew up on like chewing gum with that water tattoo thingy, gummy balls, paper dolls, yoyos, styrofoam aeroplanes, etc etc. Damn trippy the place layan.... Byron & Joel was supposed to join us back but Carolynn came instead. Poor girl had to work on a Sunday.

All the goodies at Wondermilk, Uptown

Went over to watch Ice Age 3 in 3D next. Tix were RM16 cause there was a RM5 rental for the 3D glasses. Was a cool experience but storyline not that great la - was hoping for more 3D stuff being thrown at the audience so we could dodge them :P but tak banyak lo...

We still had time before the NUDE event at Tamarind so decided to head over to the National Art Gallery for some culture. There’s a Mosaics of Malaysia exhibition by artist Zhang Zhou which was pretty awesome.

After the gallery closed, we drove to Tamarind Springs in Ampang. Azim & Rezuan joined us for the event. Programme said Antares will perform at 6.30pm but the event didn’t start until 8pm! That’s Malaysian time for you. The Orang Asli Temuan tribe performed with their bamboo percussions and so did Justin Lim. Lucky we came early else we wouldn’t have had a table near the area.

Managed to get VIP seats at Tamarind!

The best part of the night was this professional pole dancer who did amzing shit with her body. Damn is she strong! No sleazy shit, just pure skills. Wished I could do HALF of what she can I’ll be one happy ma f*$ker.

Awesome show of strength by the NUDE pole dancer

Performances at NUDE

Vic was supposed to spin at 10pm but since the programme got pushed back, and DJ Haze was just into his 1st hour, we decided to go off earlier. Stopped by Yellow Cab in Ampang for some pizza (Azim had been craving it the whole night). Was worth the stop man. Awesome fresh ingredients! None of those mass produced shit. This the real thing. If Azim says its good, you take heed of the Chef’s advice. Love their cute yellow Vespa scooters too :)

Loved the cute yellow Vespas of Yellow Cab Pizza


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