Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrated Merdeka Eve in good company

Sunday 30 August 2009

Merdeka eve! Woke up damn early at 8am!!! Coz went to bed early last night hahah Saturday night somemore.. Was supposed to be at Deep's at 10am coz we were going to the waterfall but they had some cider party last night so decided to call first. Didn't get through till 10.30am.

Anyways, Khang was at home and he presented my belated birthday pressie to me. He's been painting it since May, the sweetie. He said he was waiting for the right moment to present and before a road trip is always a good time coz 'hati senang pergi road trip'. Aww.. heart melted..

The Geisha represents me and the sun behind will shine on me always. The motifs at the side represent his housemates and the crew, just like the tattoo on his arm. So love my pressie!

My belated pressie.. Awesome!

Waited for Max who arrived late as usual and finally pushed off at noon (2 hours behind schedule) after buying imported beers from Jaya Grocer near Tropicana behind Deep's house.

Was 6 of us - Me, Brandy, Max, Deep, Anil & Joyce. Stopped by a gerai lemang for some delicious rendang kambing. Destination was Bentong but we had no idea where the waterfall was. Just randomly turned at the first waterfall sign we saw and that was Chamang Waterfall.

Don't drink & drive...

I love going to waterfalls during ramadhan month as Brandy is free to swim as she likes. No need to worry about upsetting anyone. We brought quite a lot of supplies - biscuits, nuts, chocs, tuak, imported beers & even sparkly Jacob's Creek rose (from August Mag launch tq!)

Scenes at the waterfall

We saw a group above with tents. They were bbqing and Deep said that they were definately Sarawakians. He turned out to be right. They were Ibans, Bidayuhs & Kelabits. Deep brought the tuak as an ice breaker and in return, they offered us Seven Seas, vodka & meat! They even had patin fish!! Damn yummy!


Stoped at Bukit Tinggi for dinner but the first place (Chee Hoong Restaurant) said we had to wait 1 hour plus for food! Fuck it. We were hungry. Went to a less popular place instead, Garden View Restaurant, which served equally goof food. Had babi hutan, deer meat & Tiger (the beer of course).

Green View Restaurant

Ovi invited us to Quack Quack, a foam party happening at The Market Place (old metro) at Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Rushed to that in my stinky waterfall outfit and was greeted by this mayhem!

Foam party in KL! Foam went up as high as my head! haha couldn't breathe then

We didn't stay long, left at 1.30am. And no fireworks in respect of Ramadhan month. :( but we had fun anyways playing in the foam. Deep & Khang stayed dry. Party poopers. Anil was he only one who went in. Got a rubber duckie to take home too! Yea!

Bring on the foam!


  1. mummy dearest... your house shape looks so familiar. Are you staying in BU area?

  2. That's Deep's house yes, it's in BU


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