Saturday, July 18, 2009

RWMF 2009 - Day 3

Sunday 12 July 2009

Farsha flew from KL today!!! Yea!!! Ada teman dah!! Caught the Voice of my People workshop which featured female voices of the bands. Awesome. They did an interactive workshop too.

Farsha doing the Piko Piko Toro Toro at the Voice of my People workshop

Chilled with the gang at our own personal gazebo and Farsh got a henna tattoo later.

Concert started off with Akasha as the opening act. Why they put such a fast paced band right at the beginning beats me. Oh well, maybe they knew no one would want to come so early for Red chamber so that's the only way to get the crowd. It worked. Akasha was awesome! They even managed to inject MJ's Beat It to their tune. Malaysia Boleh!

Akasha sneaked in a little MJ Beat It to their tune which got the crowd roaring

Red Chamber who came after them was a stark contrast. They tried, I'll give them credit, coz they called a few members of Akasha to jam with them - their only saving grace. Otherwise, it will just be toilet break time for the crowd again.

Can't remember much of Inti-Illimani from Chile and Muzsikas from Hungary but they were ok la. I remembered the Zawose Family from Tanzania. The sisters shooked the house with their drums and asses. They can really shake their booty. Transported us right to Africa there. MC said it took them 3 days to travel from their country to here.

Zawose Family from Tanzania rocked the house

Finale was ok only la. We've had better. The bands came out one by one to feature their music. Was hoping for more fusion where everybody jams towards the end but that did not happen. Maybe their music was too diversified.

Scenes from the Maori group during the finale

The crew (except Byron who kantoied early & bEn who was lookin for his Bitches). Everybody's like all sengeted over the place.

Last pic by the Bidayuh Bridge with some new friends

Stole the raft at night and Khang took us around the lake in pitch darkness. It's tougher than it looks! I couldn't move the raft where I wanted it to go. Salude to Khang our boatman.

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