Monday, July 27, 2009

Hennessy Artistry

Saturday 25 July 2009

Headed to Hennesy early, well, 9pm isn’t actually the earliest but it was early enough. The girls took one car and the boys came in another. Bloody gentlemen boys didn’t offer us a parking pass so we had to park at the Securities Commission and walk all the way in our high heels & skirts. Bloody boys parked inside. Curse them for my poor delicate aching feet.

Place was packed already with a long queue at the front. Thank god we had VVIP passes which gave us access to all zones (and of course, easier access to booze). Half of our group were on VIP passes only so we compromised and ‘parked’ our arses there instead.

The decorations were amazing! Have to give them credit for that. It was built on the dressage area but you wouldn’t have guessed as they created a whole makeshift indoor disco complete with lighting, stage, stairs & upper floors!

Scene at the Bukit Kiara dressage area

Line-up was so so la.. didn’t know who they were... but the DJs were good though. Only gripe is they put mandarin pop after house??!! What flow is that? Oh well, everybody seemed to be having a good time! For a non-brandy drinker, Hennessy & apple juice tastes good by the way..

And I met my sister and my brother there. Introduced her to everyone who didn’t believe I had a sis, what more a brother. Had to tell them that she was my REAL sister from the same parents. Haha.

Me bro & sis in the top right pic

We left early cause we started early. Organisers were thoughtful enough to provide free water on the way out. Nice touch for the drunkards.

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