Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flying High

Sunday 5 July 2009

Today is the day I face my fear of heights by traversing high above the trees secured only by a piece of rope. Ok exaggerating a bit. We're pretty secured by a harness & 2 carabinas hooked onto a metal cable.

I'm talking about the SkyTrex Challenge, located in Bukit Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam, where you can enjoy jungle trekking above the trees. Participants have to go through a series of rope obstacles along the forest canopy. Walk, crawl, glide, swing - we were basically monkeys for the day.

Because of my fear of heights, I decided not to get too ambitious and settled for the Big Trill instead, a circuit of 23 obstacles with the highest point at 17m. The extremists could go for the Extreme Challenge, a circuit of 21 challenges with the highest point at 22m.

My circuit mates were colleague Alycia & her bf Dennis. Louisa & Steward were also up for the Big Trill but since they were late, we went ahead first. Revathi, Yasmin & Toh were already at the Extreme Challenge.

Me, Alycia & Dennis posing before the climb by the kiddies 'Little Adventure' circuit

The instructors gave a briefing on some trial obstacles just a few feet off the ground. After the trial run, we headed to the start of the Big Thrill, which was a ladder that went all the way up to the top of the trees.

So far so good...

The beginning parts were hard, especially the first part of climbing the ladder. You keep wishing it would end but it doesn't seem to end. The thought of quitting half way came to mind but the thought of failing myself spurred me on.

That's the ladder that goes up to a height of slightly below 17m above ground. There's another ladder after this that brings you up even higher.

It involved quite a lot of strength. It was hard work! The trick was not to look down and keep on moving forward. Flying fox was fun though but it's really scary getting off the platform. Once you're in the air, it's easy-peasy, except for the landing bit. You gotta make sure you land on the platform else you gotta pull your self back in again.

The hardest for me was the suspended round plastic tubes. The tubes are so unstable and there's really nothing much you can do to steady yourself. The obstacle where you had to swing from one wood to another was also difficult for me as you need a bit of upper body strength to do that.

Looks easy at the Little Adventure circuit just a few feet above ground but it's a totally different scenario all together 17m up in the air

We were under the impression that the circuit is much tougher as the instructors said we will need bout an hour plus to complete it. We finished in 50 minutes. And that's with the taking our time with photos and stuff. Maybe we were lucky cause we were in front of the group. Didn't have to wait for nobody.

Alycia & I taking a break after completing the first station

All in all, a good workout. Will I go again? Hmm maybe not cause it's just not my thing. I HAD to do it at least once to have that bragging right and I'm glad I managed to complete the circuit without exiting through the various 'Pintu Ayam's along the trail. :)

Rewarded ourselves with the best Ipoh Hor Fun in the Klang Valley after that. Good job!

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