Saturday, July 25, 2009

Merchants of Bollywood

Saturday 25 July 2009

Finally decided to see Merchants of Bollywood- The Musical at Istana Budaya. This would be my actual musical (unless you count Chity Chity Bang Bang which I caught in Singapore) and boy was I excited to be at Istana Budaya for the first time! Hah! Jakun.

Went with Carolynn but Susan called to say that her meeting ended early so she could join us. But unfortunately, we couldn't sit together but it was alright. We bought the cheapest seats anyway but not too bad la.. place is small so still can see the stage.

Inside of Istana Budaya . It was full house. This was taken before the show.

I totally enjoyed the show! Loved the brilliant costumes & the dance chereography. Lead guy had a HOT bod & ooohh can he dance. So could the lead lady. Nothing much to say about the story line but what the heck - it's not about that anyway. I want a bhangra band in full costumes at my wedding now :P

Awesome dance moves & costumes

The girls - Carolynn, Su & Me

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