Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raul's 15 Days & 15 Nights

Saturday 4 July 2009

For my fellow Vang Vien traveller Raul Lee, his normal birthday celebrations include pure alco/party mayhem for 15 days and 15 nights straight. My poor tired body can only take one night out of the whole celebrations so joined Raul at Wabi Sabi, TTDI Plaza, on his 2nd night. Took Farah along with me as an escape plan (cause wanted to leave early. Will be doing Skytrex the next morn).

Went in at 10pm and the club was empty for a Saturday night. Had a very interesting Peach flavoured beer as Wabi Sabi is known for their flavoured beers. They have mango, orange, blueberry and other fruit flavours too. Farah tried the normal lime cordial thingy.

Farah and I

Raul's friends started coming in one by one and by the time it got to half past midnight, there were enough people to make an exit without feeling guilty.

Birthday boy Raul swigged it from the bottle towards the end

Left the party early with Farah and headed to Sunway Damansara for some late night tose and Indomee.

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