Monday, July 20, 2009

Dancing in Silence

Friday 17 July 2009

Raul called to say that there’s some sort of Kent party happening later tonight. Invited party with free flow (42 Below) on the house. How could I say no to that?

Theme was black and red. Was supposed to pick Deep and meet up with Raul but Rubin was already there at Deep’s so he became our driver.

The concept was Silent Disco! It’s where the entire club is quiet and each of us is given a headset to layan to our own music. They had an R&B and a House channel. Felt quite weird at the beginning cause you can’t hear anybody with the headset on and it’s weird dancing with no music at all! Hahah concept didn’t catch on for long as they turned up the music around midnight.

Silent Disco. Weird concept but thank god the drinks were courtesy of 42 Below.

The crew really on in the night with our respective headphones which played diffrent music. We were one of the firsts - hahah eager beavers

Went to the club next door to dance with the poles. Looked like a gay club. Half of them were gay, the other half, us. Had fun with the poles but Feroz almost got mauled by one dude there hahah.

After a few drinks... hey, give us credit. We still look normal.

Had lok lok (courtesy of Rubin) before heading home for after party.

Wasted the whole of next day recuperating. My body’s too old for this shit.

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