Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka Tuak & Seafood Bliss

Monday 31 August 2009

Happy Merdeka everyone! Actually, this year's Merdeka is quite the sad. No one flying flags from their cars or houses, no offices, shops & buildings flying it, even the shopping malls didn't put up much Merdeka deco. Mat rempits and decorated cars were missing from KL roads too. They say it's in respect of Ramadhan month but I think it's Malaysians who lost confidence in the country and just don't give a damn anymore.

It's sad really. I used to deligently fly the flag during Mahathir's time a month before Merdeka. One big one on a pole at my house & one small one stuck to my car. This year, I didn't fly any. It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just forgotten about it coz there were not many reminders around. Flags were not easily available as well unlike in previous years where petrol stations gave it out for free or a minimal RM2 each.

Happy Merdeka people!

The plan was to wake up early, make some tuak before I fly off to Europe on Sat (so it can ferment for a month), head to Anil's parent's place in TTDI for lunch to see his new baby girl and to have HH in Library after that.

Woke up late so none of that happened except for the tuak making bit. Took me 6 hours to make it. Decided to go big this time and put 4kg of pulut in the tempayan and 6kg in the plastic pail. Process took too long so it ended with 3kg in the tempayan and 5kg in the pail. Not bad also what..

It took me so goddam long cause I had to cook 1 kg of pulut at a time. My rice cooker overheated so time wasted for it to cool down. Sometimes, the pulut wasn't cooked properly so had to recook and wait again. Did this process 8 times mind you. After cooking 1kg, I had to cool the pulut before mixing the pounded yeast in.

Yeast are living organisms so I can't mix them in the hot rice. Had to wait for the rice to cool, then tabur the yeast all around & mix it properly. Then only can dump the thing in the tempayan or pail and repeat the entire process for the next batch.

My yeast came from Sarawak from the last Rainforest trip so it's supposed to be good yeast. Looks like little round biscuits. You can get yeast at Chinese medicine shops here too. Ask for the ones used to make Chinese wine. The sweet ones.

Since the process took so much time, I managed to clean the house, wash & fold my laundry, finally bottle the fruit tuak I was experimenting on and posted pics of my Merdeka Eve outing too so not all was wasted. Fruit tuak experiment turned out alright. Ginger, rambutan and lemon tuak was good. Got 2 ginger tuak bottles ready for Khang already. We'll have a fruit tuak party experiment with the crew and update you. Kitchen was a mess when I finished though.

Yeast from Sarawak & pulut from Greenview, Centrepoint

Had to pound the yeast, wait for the pulut to cool, then only mix it together.

Brandy was with me the whole day, poor girl, she hasn't gone out to pee yet. Finally finished at about 5pm and sent her back to PJ. Was exhausted from the day's work so decided to treat myself to dinner.

A friend suggested going to this chinese place called Restoran Full Moon in Aman Suria for seafood. I brought my white bubbly Blue Nun that had 22 carat gold flakes in it that I bought from Sri Lanka. Forgot the champagne flutes so drank from the Carlsberg glasses there instead. We not that poyo k..

Food took so long coming that we were quite happy on half a bottle already. Empty stomach somemore. Ordered 2 pieces of salted egg crabs, 2 tean kai (bullfrogs), vege & steam egg. Their small portion was huge! Food was good though and we managed to finish everything (including the bubbly of course), though it took quite a while, but couldn't finish the egg.

Good seafood and the mess after

Went home happy with a full stomach. Slept early. That's my Merdeka for ya.

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