Sunday, September 6, 2009

AirAsiaX XL Seats rock!

Saturday 5 September 2009

Didn’t sleep until bout 4am so you can imagine how stoned I was when I woke up at 6am. Check in for London at LCCT was damn fast. New ruling. No need to scan your check-in luggage. How if people smuggle weapons or stuff? Lousy security.

Flight was on time. XL seats are AWESOME! My first time flying AirAsiaX and business class at that!! They have 30 XL seats and it’s so damn spacious. I’m so small so the seats are like huge for me. I couldn’t reach the seat in front of me to get the mag out of the pocket. That’s how much leg space they had. There’s an extendable leg rest and the seat can recline to an almost sleeping position. Got buttons for lumbar support too.

Awesome AirAsiaX XL seats

Got a comfort kit too for RM35 that includes a blanket in a drawstring bag, suede eye shades & inflatable neck pillow. All AirAsia branded of course. I am able to walk up & down without disturbing the person next to me cause there’s so much space. I hate asking the person next to me to wake up, unbuckle & get up from his seat all bcoz I need to pee. That always happens in economy. Not many people walking about too cause it’s so spacious already unlike the usually cramped economy seats.

Entertainment is pretty cool too. Not the usual ones at the back of the seats (we were flying in a new Airbus A340-300) so they had this portable thing called ePlayer for rent at RM30. Limited selection of movies but ok la – got Terminator Salvation, Indiana Jones 4, The Proposal, Angels & Demon, there are TV shows Simpson, America’s Next Top Model, CSI, 30 Rock, etc, loads of music (listening to Lady Gaga’s album now as I’m typing) and games. Easy navigation. User friendly too.

I sat next to a pretty nice Chinese dude. Young though, 22-year old Jeffrey, a finance graduate who’s going back to London to work. He has a 3 year contract. Thank god I didn’t get a fat, stinky bo weirdo who snores.

That's Jeffrey & I in the Stansted Express train

We passed by unusual terrains. It was all rocks, no horizon in sight, no grass, no water. No idea where we were. Fascinating, Mother Nature. Nice to see from the plane but not funny if you’re stranded there.

Weird terrains

Jeffrey lent me his UK line to call Dan and accompanied me all the way to Liverpool Street where Dan was supposed to meet me. Well, it was on his way but he was a sweetie nevertheless. Dan arrived at the station 3 mins before I did and intercepted me at the exit. Talk about timing.

Dan stays at Islington so we got a tube to Farringdon and walked to his place. It’s far by Malaysian standards but it’s alright here cause the weather’s so nice and cool. 15 mins only.. Bit chilly but bearable. He moved here after Marisa moved out of their old place roughly a year ago. Better security he said. Small but nice pad. Stays with a housemate in the 2 bedroom aprt but he alone pays 500 pounds each month for rent! That’s like RM3000 a month for a small room! That’s quite cheap already he said. And we were complaining KL is expensive. He had an air mattress which would be my bed tonight.

My bed for the night

London’s 7 hours behind but I looked alright. Didn’t really know what I was feeling really. We went out for a bite at a local bar down the road (they had a whole street of them naturally). I ate a whole burger. Didn’t even know I was hungry. Still in a confused state but I downed a Leffe & a peach cider. Leffe is 5% only but they serve it in half pints cause there are other properties in it which gets you there REAL fast. Was already feeling it halfway through my half pint. Dan said 3 of these half pints usually do it for most English guys. Deep, you gotta try this.

Having a taste of English culture with Dan

Walked back at 11.30pm. That’s like 6.30am for me. Dan’s gotta wake up for work the next day at 6am so I’m sleeping in.

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