Sunday, June 21, 2009

Off to Sedenak, Johor

Friday 19 June 09

Worked the whole day and only pushed off for Sedenak at about 6.30pm. The roads were so congested that we decided to have our dinner at TTDI first. I drove the first half till Ayer Keroh and Ivan took over the wheel next.

Panic after the Yong Peng exit cause we were totally low on fuel. Called PLUS and the guy (they are extremely helpful & nice by the way) said that the next petrol stop is in Machap, 10 clicks away. Phew. Made it there. Here's breathing a sigh of relief at the Machap pumps.

Sedenak is such an obscure town that we passed the turning and went straight to Kulai. Had to patah balik to find that small signboard that says The Legends Golf & Country Resort. Riders Lodge is situated in The Legends' grounds.

We had to turn into a narrow dirt road on the left but it was really worth it. Looming ahead was a beautiful lodge, similar to the one from the 1978 Dallas TV series. It looked like some colonial mansion that was built back in those days for the English plantation managers. Just gorgeous. A long row of stables backed the paddock and open fields.

We checked into the lodge. Time : 11.30pm.

Ivan wasted no time lighting up at our room's veranda

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