Monday, October 12, 2009

Frolicking in the hot springs of Sg Klah

Friday 9 & Saturday 10 October 2009

We saved some time at Sg Sedim because we couldn’t go rafting so some big boss decided to invite us over to Prai in Penang for tea at his café, Bangkok Station. There was wifi at the place!!! Sheesh city folks. Internet and facebook withdrawal. Those who had laptops went straight at it. Makan pun lupa.

We reached Sg Klah Hot Springs late at night, a lovely resort in Perak managed by Felda. I’ve stayed at their villas two years ago and absolutely loved it! Each villa has its own private Jacuzzi filled with water direct from the hot springs. Talk about luxurious pampering the natural way.

The villas were such a stark contrast to our basic kampong house and we made full use of it. A pity it was only for one night though. The hot springs park closes at midnight so we quickly finished our dinner to go down to the main pool. Almost all of us were down there frolicking under the moonlight. The Indonesians brought a guitar and sang some of their songs while the rest of us just splashed around the pool making fun of each other. The Thais got into it too.

Found wifi at the lobby so stayed there till 2am. There are actual policemen who round the place so they temaned me coz they kesianed me, one single pretty girl all alone at night.

Frolicking under the moonlight

Did some shooting the next morning at the hot springs to feature the facilities they have there. There’s an egg boiling area where you can make quarter, half and hard boil eggs. Dipped my feet in the hot springs and walked on the reflexology path too. Nice. Wished the homestays are all like this.

Gorgeous Villas with our own private jacuzzi

Hot Springs facilities

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