Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 13 & 14 : Vienna, Austria

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 September 2009

Vienna, Austria, home of Mozart and the Sound of Music. Austrians are not known for their sense of humour and Scotty warned us before hand that they would not take any nonsense from us at the camp. We’ve entered non-Contiki camp zones now for our second half of the Europe leg.

It was just our luck that the campsite was closed till 2010. Very kind of Contiki not to inform us but it was a blessing in disguise as we went to a more relaxed camp on the other side of town. Scotty, Jerry & Amber had to sleep in the bus this time as there were no available cabins for the crew.

There’s a huge amusement park in Prata, much bigger than the one we went to in Nice. Bungy rides, sling shots, fast cars, haunted houses, whacky rides – you name it, they got it. There are plenty of beer gardens there too so no prizes for guessing where we spent half of our time at.

Family fun at the huge amusement park in Prata

The only way I can describe Vienna is that the city is immaculate. It’s almost perfect even, with every single stone in place, not a speck of dirt on the streets and everything runs like clockwork. Bit too sterile if you ask me but I like the architecture of Vienna.

Wanted to check out the catacombs under a church but service was still on. Who the heck goes for service for 2 hours anyways?? Had a huge schnitzel bigger than my face instead.

The immaculate city of Vienna, Austria

The highlight of Vienna was the visit to the Schnapps Museum. The owner, Gary Fisher, introduced us to the world of home-made liquor and debunked the myth that absinthe can make you go blind. Absinth has up to 70% alcohol! They allowed us to sample shots of Schnapps & absinthe after that. I was like a kid in a candy store. Think I took about 9 shots or so. All hail these potent liquid substance!

All hail Schnapps & Absinthe!

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