Monday, October 19, 2009

Jamming it in KKB

Sunday 18 Oct 09

The Latino boys David and Rafael were saying that they wanted to see a village cause they’ve only seen KL city since they got here. David’s Cuban and Rafael is from the Dominican Republic but they both reside in Hong Kong. They were brought here by YTL’s boss Tan Sri Francis Yeoh to play at Teeq for 8 days. They leave this Thursday so you can still catch them playing at Teeq during dinner time till then.

Hmmm where the heck do I find a village? Only one I could think of was Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB). Called Marj and she was an absolute darling host. Brought us in her 4x4 to an authentic wooden/bamboo orang asli house where they still didn’t have electricity and showed them how the aslis lived and cooked.

Raphael was so fascinated with the tree sap thingy which they use for light. It’s the first stage of amber. You burn the sap and it stays lit for hours. Gives out a nice incense smell too. He liked it so much he bought a piece from them.

Authentic Orang Asli village

Fascinated by the tree sap thingy

Marj gave us a history lesson on KKB and the woes faced by the people there. The water at the dam has fallen 30% due to ‘too much release coz KL needed it’. That’s more politics for ya. The reduced water level was really disturbing as you can see the old line way up the current level. But the dam was still beautiful nonetheless.

KKB dam

Took them to see Antares next. He was happy when we told him they were musicians. He brought out his drums, flute & guitar and had a nice jam session. Met some of his other guests there too a guy from Sri Lanka, one mat salleh (not sure where he’s from) and a young girl from Italy.

Antares jamming with the Latino boys

Jam session

Rafael asked if there were any hotels around the area coz he loves the place so much so we showed him the hotel behind Antares’s place – the gorgeous Bamboo Palace.

The Bamboo Palace

We were short on time as the boys had to work at 8pm so we had to rush back to KL. The Italian girl followed us back too. David invited me for dinner at Teeq to thank me for their outing. They said it was their best time ever throughout their whole time here in Malaysia. Always feels nice to show off our country’s treasures to tourists. Thank god Malaysia has an abundance of natural beauties.

Dinner at Teeq

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