Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 19 & 20 : Sex & Drugs of Amsterdam, Holland

Friday 25 & Saturday 26 September 2009

Welcome to Amsterdamage. Scotty & Jerry had a surprise for us that night which was an added excursion to a live sex show in the red light district of Amsterdam. It’s full frontal live sex on stage on rotating love seats aka Austin Powers style. Heterosexual couples, lesbians and interactive acts with the audience by female strippers and a black dude in police uniform. There was even an act by a lady who used her pussy to smoke a cigar. Show lasted for an hour and a half but was a pity that no photos were allowed.

Scotty took us for a brief tour along the narrow alleys where prostitutes strutted their wares at the windows enticing customers into their lair. Drawn curtains meant work was in progress. Accompanied Paulie all around the city as he wanted to check out every single girl. We went for a peep show where you enter a private booth, put 2 euros in and the screen comes up for 2 minutes. Customers can peep like perverts at either a girl or a couple on a turn table. We went to a strip bar too after that where the girls stripped down full monty.

We went back to camp early that night as we were scheduled to go biking along the dykes of Edam early the next morning. Sadly, this was our last camp for the tour. Pitched a separate tent for that night as poor Jerry didn’t have a cabin. Scotty slept under the bus.

Red light district in Amsterdam

Edam is a little town in Holland famous for its Edam cheese. Holland is such a lovely country to go biking in. Almost every single person owns a bike and the bikes we used in Edam were granny bikes, not those mountain bikes where you can do stunts in. There are no brakes. Just pedal in reverse if you want to stop. The highlight of the trip was the group photo at Holland’s icon, the windmill.

Biking the dyke in Edam

We were free to roam back in town. There’s this fast food joint called Febo where you buy food from a hole in the wall. Just put some coins in, open the compartment and walla – your lunch is served. Brilliant!

Walked the streets of Amsterdam and ended up at Baba’s, a famous coffee shop. Coffee shops and cafes are different. Coffee shops are where it’s legal to smoke up and take space cakes/muffins/brownies. There are even communal bongs on the table. Cafes serve normal coffee and tea. I had half a space muffin cause I didn’t want to chance it but don’t think it had much effect, just a slight buzz.

Brilliant fast food concept in Amsterdam

Spaced out at Baba's, a local coffee shop

I managed to meet up with Gerald too, one of the Austrian brothers whom I met with Ivan in Vietnam a few years ago. Some of you might remember them as they came to visit us for my Christmas party in 2006.

Met Gerald after so many years!

That night was our last dinner together and we had a traditional Dutch dinner at a nice restaurant. It was really weird as Asian food was served. It’s because of the SEA influence. They colonized us way back then. I wore my new dress that night, my first dress after 20 days in sloppy camping clothes. Was so nice to feel girly and sexy again. My Kiwi certainly approved!

Our last dinner together as a Contiki family

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