Thursday, November 26, 2009

Off to Spain!

Sat 21 & Sun 22 Nov 09

So excited to be heading to Spain! Going on the invitation by the Spanish embassy as they want to promote more Spanish products to Malaysia. Flew us business class on Lufthansa all the way but was a damn long flight. KL - (stop in Bangkok) - Frankfurt - Munich - Bilbao. But as it was business class, sleep was good and no jet lag whatsoever.

Business class seats, Frankfurt airport & the dodgy plane from Munich - Bilboa

Met up with the rest of the media. 2 from singapore, 2 from Jakarta & 2 from Malaysia. All girls!! haha Didn't stay long in Bilbao as we were whisked off straight to San Sebastian, a seaside town famous for its beach in the north of Spain. Weather here is absolutely lovely!! Bout 17c or so. Sunny too. Stayed at the Hotel Londres y de Ingaterra, the best hotel in town. Love their classic lift right next to my room.

Hotel Londres y de Inglaterra

We had the whole day free so we walked around the town a bit. Lovely city with beautiful waves. Lots of surfing and people were actually bathing there! Too cold to even think of stripping down to a bikini. Waves are crazy!

San Sebastian in the day & night

Awesome waves

Walking the city

Went to the tapas bar later on in the night and stuffed ourselves silly at 3 bars. Concept is simple. Enter a tapas bar, choose whatever you want to eat, tell the guy how many you ate & pay. Wonder y we don't have it here. Oh yea, the kiasus would most likely eat 5 and say they had 3. Loads of ham too. Ended up at a bar for some drinks at the end of the night.

Tapas bars & drinks

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