Sunday, August 22, 2010

@ the tracks with Michelin

Saturday 21 Aug 2010

After a tiring day at Sunway Lagoon, I had to get up early the next morning for a day at the tracks. It was a Michelin Pilot Experience where Michelin rewards its customers, dealers & staff from the Asia Pacific region (India - SEA - Korea - Australia) with a playday at an F1 circuit.

It's held once every year over a period of 2 weeks. Michelin invested quite a lot coz they bought all the cars & maintain it here in Sepang. Today, 5 M'sia media were invited.

Launch was a loud rave affair as the open up the garage doors to reveal this :

Our toys for the day

First up was the GT5 which uses a 6 speed motorcycle engine. We get to drive it 3x round the South track twice. First time to get a feel of the track then the 2nd round full throttle. Did bout 180kph or something like that. Was concentrating too much on the road to check the speed.

Here's how to work the gears..

Our mean machine

Me in full race suit - damn hot k

Tried some gokarts too

They switched us to the Formula Renaults after lunch. Much closer to the ground and much faster. Could almost feel the hot tarmac under my butt.

Learning gear change on the simulator

Ready to roll

More racing toys

Tried our hands at changing F1 tyres at high speed

The pro drivers were called in next to take us for a spin around the tracks. First was 2 Porsche GT3 Cups racing each other with us as helpless passengers. Quite scary to see how they play & overtake each other at full speeds during turns. Sat in a 2 seater Formula Renault next which was even more scary as it's not covered and you can feel the wind pushing the car side to side. Sticks like glue to the ground.

Porsche GT3

Trying to overtake

The 2 seater Formula Renault

Look at them run

Bibendum & I

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