Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flow Riding

Friday 20 August 2010

Sunway Lagoon invested RM3 million to install a new attraction to their theme park.

It's included in your entrance fee at no extra cost. Introducing - the Flow Rider!

It's a surf simulator which pushes up a constant stream of water so that you can surf in a static wave. Great for those who want to practice surfing, bodyboarding or wake boarding in a 'safe' environment. No fears of undercurrent, drowning or sharks!

Even Aaron Soo, Sunway Lagoon CEO, jumped in. Such a sporting approaching 50 CEO. Was just like a lil kid.

Sunway Lagoon CEO Aaron Soo showing us how it's done

Revathi was invited to write about it and she brought me along. Perks of the job! Awesome! Here we are trying to figure out how to hold the board.

This is how you do it...

Ready, set...


A lil helping hand..

Tried the wakeboard too but damn was it hard!! The instructors made it look damn easy. An excellent shot of me - macam pro je - but in reality, I lasted all of under 2 seconds.

Look Ma, no hands! And then...



Had two gorgeous huge bruises on my thighs. NOT because I slammed into anything but because of the water pressure. I was abused by water!!! wtf?? hahha but damn worth it. Continued our water adventure riding all the slides in Sunway hehe. I love my job.

My souvenir

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