Sunday, June 13, 2010

Langkawi Sunsets (or lack of it)

Friday 4 to Sunday 6 June 2010

Langkawi. My favourite duty free island where beer is cheaper than water. RM1.60 for a can of Skol. Not bad huh? Tiger's RM2.20 at the airport. I'm sure it's cheaper else where.

Balan (who's been an absolute darling!) of Astute Experience, a lifestyle membership card, hooked us up with Rebak Island Resort this time, the only resort on a private island run by the Taj Group. You need to catch a boat from Langkasuka Jetty for the 15min ride there. Sorry, no other way. Once you're there, you're kinda there. Great if you want to get away from the whole world but not that great if you want to be near the cheap booze of Chenang Beach. Just make sure you ta pau kau kau before you get to the island.

Our deluxe sea-view villa

Chiling at the private beach

Siok Hui hooked us up with a Sunset Cruise with her Japanese friend's company Crystal Yacht which allows guests to binge on a 16-course BBQ dinner and drink till you drop from the yacht's open bar for RM250.

Yacht Tiki - fits 36 pax

16-course BBQ dinner

Unfortunately, I was too green to enjoy the BBQ or the booze. Imagine passing up on the free flow food & drinks!! sob sob. But yes, I did. Jerry joked that he'll sell his house & buy a yacht coz he was enjoying the rare golden silence on my part. hmpph!!! Not myu fault the waves were so big!

The waves finally calmed down after we passed the islands into shelter. There's a submerged net hanging on the side of the boat 'salt-water jacuzzi' it seems, that we could chill in with a beer in hand.

As usual, the Aussies were the life of the party, with one 60 year-old guy who was celebrating his 39th wedding anniversary loosing more than he bargained for.

Chilling in the 'salt-water jacuzzi'

"Fuck my pants. As long as my beer's safe!"

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