Monday, May 31, 2010

Yours Truly is now 30

Sunday 23 May 2010

Where have all the years flown to?? Seems like just yesterday that I was 23.. sigh.. yes, I've finally reached the big 3-0 and will it be downhill from now? Friends say 30 is the new 20 and age is just a number but I can already feel the effects. Recovery is not as fast as it used to.. but other than that, everything's like it always was.

I don't crave drinking and late night partyings like I used to in my 20s. Past birthdays have always been intimate dinners with the ones I love and this year was not going to be any different.

Horse riding is so darn expensive here. Seems like it's an activity for the rich so riding is not an often luxury. My birthday treat from Jerry was a gorgeous horse ride in the cool mountain air of Berjaya Hills.

Here we are at the top of the plateau.. you can just see Colmar Tropicale in the left corner

Explored the French-themed resort of Colmar Tropicale too

Daddy's birthday is 2 days after mine so we always end up having one dinner and one cake. But I don't mind sharing coz I my Daddy's cool :P (and he doesn't give a damn really. I suspect he's pretending to make a fuss coz his family expects him too). Dinner was at Courtyard, Damansara Heights. Food was good, especially the mushroom pasta yummm!!!!

Sis bought a green tea cake for us

Told Wifey that I wanted to have dins with my close friends and she said ok, she'll arrange everything. And boy did she arrange! Such a sneak! She told me she was taking me to Murni in SS2 for dins and no one wants to come for my birthday except for Ninja her cat. We ended up at d'Italiane in Sunway Giza, Kota D, where she invited over 20 people! Talk about a pleasant surprise! I love my wifey Susan Tan.

My bestest wifey in the whole world!!

TQ to Susan Tan, Edmund, Carolynn, Tyng Tyng, Redwan, Farshie, Jerry, Liara, Vern, Lilian, Deep, Henry, Max, Byron & Azim who made my 30th birthday such a memorable one. You guys are the best in the world. I am blessed to have such friends.

Susu, Farshi, Tyng Tyng & Carolynn got together and gave me the best birthday pressie ever - riding lessons at Bukit Kiara. Susu even got me a pink riding hat! I never felt so loved in my life. Had tears sneaking out as I hugged them. Susu, hat fits perfectly fine!

My pink hat for when I ride my purple pegasus

Continued the party at Boathouse in TTDI where Susu treated me & my astrological twin Azim to a flamin. Remind me never to mix wine, champagne & flamins ever again. Urgh... suffered whole of the next day for it.

Twins in da house..

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