Monday, April 26, 2010

Redang - Conveniently packaged

Fri 9 to Sun 11 April 2010

It was the weekend again and we were eager to go off on another adventure. Jerry wanted to go snorkelling. Dilemma time - All the nearby beaches are crap and the gorgeous ones so far away! Trimmed it down to Pulau Payar near Langkawi, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Tioman or Pulau Redang.

My decision was made when my colleague Yasmin said that she was going to Redang that weekend. Turned out she went to Dungun instead hmph!! But alls good as I've never been to Redang so at least I can say I've been there.

Redang is funny in a sense that it's not convenient to make a trip to the island unless you buy the package deals from the resorts - all similar standard 3D2N deals which include accommodation, full-board meals and 3 snorkelling trips. Mask & life jacket rental @RM10 each is separate
. Here's a good site that has the rates, facilities & location of the resorts.

Being a cheapskate, I chose one of the budget ones at Redang Lagoon for the package deal of RM290 each. Cheap huh? Yea, but you'll see why later.

Our chalet for 2 nights - not bad - quite spacious w queen bed, air-con & attached toilet

Jerry wasted no time chilling in a hammock

There was plenty of food - buffet breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner. All local malay cooking of course but one night they provided BBQ which was quite a spread - fish, squid, chicken, etc

BBQ night - cook yourself

Redang Island has gorgeously fine white sand which is soo soft to the touch. The waters are pristine clear. Was surprised that we can see straight to the bottom as there were a few boats moored by the beach. The boat fuels don't seem to affect the waters much.

Clear waters in Redang

Saw this at a dive shop - hilarious! Why does the fish need an oxygen tank??

Let me tell you why you shouldn't take cheap packages. If it's too good to be true, it probably comes with many catches. At the risk of sounding racist, I would prefer if a resort has guests of mixed races.

Coming from KL, I happily brought my skimpy swimsuit (a 2 piece that is joined in the middle - yes, very sexy mind you) and thus received the stares of the other extremely decently clad guests (long sleeves, long pants. Even the guys never took their shirts off). What more, I was holding a Mat Salleh's hand. :P Poor Jerry was the only white meat there. The rest of the Matsys were staying at nicer upper class resorts.

Oh, and because we were paying budget rates, they packed the entire resort of god knows how many people into 2 small boats. It was a task each time to battle for squatting places on the floor. Made us feel just like refugees.

Check out the over-loaded boat. And this was taken after quarter of us were in the water.

Snorkelling was not too bad though. Went to deeper seas on the first day and the Marine Park and another site nearer to a beach on the second. Saw a puffer fish, a Moray Eel, plenty of Nemos and baby sharks!!! Jerry was attacked by a huge parrot fish who chased him for 50metres. hehehe. That's what you get for sneaking up on a fish enjoying his lunch. Pics taken with my underwater Olympus compact.

Mr Moray Eel.

The best snorkelling site for me was the area just in front of our resort. Plenty of marine life to see and 7 baby reef or sand sharks swim near to shore each day. Had the most fun chasing after these sharks.

Baby sharks - just right in front of our resort very near to shore


Colourful corals at a shipwreck just off the Marine Park

Despite the refugee-like conditions of the boat trips, Redang is not too bad. Better go quick before the government makes it unaffordable for common folks!


  1. Hi Jojo Nice pictures and Post !
    Srinivasa Rao.S

  2. Yah Redang is still my favourite island, beautiful crystal clear waters, white sands and all the diving spots are nearby (less than 15 minutes boat ride).


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